Lirik lagu Jovette Rivera – Intoxicated 歌詞

Jovette Rivera – Intoxicated 歌詞 lirik lagu :
I’m begging you not to
but you always make me so breathless
How can I resist you
when you leave my heart being undressed
Tonight you’re all mine
We’re hiding from lights
doing all night
Tonight you’re all mine
look me in the eyes
you are mine
We’re dancing all night
Come close and hold on tight
We’re dancing all night
Two shadows crossing as one
Jovette Rivera – Intoxicated Lyrics 歌詞 [Yuri!!! on Ice]

アルバム/ Album: Oh! スケトラ!!! ユーリ!!! on ICE/オリジナル・スケートソングCOLLECTION
作曲/ Lyricist: sugar me
作曲/ Composer: 梅林太郎
発売日/ Release date: 2016/12/21
Language: English



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