BTS (BANGTAN BOYS) – Intro : Skool Luv Affair [Easy-Lyrics | ENG]


BTS (BANGTAN BOYS) – Intro : Skool Luv Affair [Easy-Lyrics | ENG]

chom man nam chom mun ja
chot tong hwa
chot de it tu
chok kis su wa
dul ma ne kong gan
so ges so nul mo dun gen
no wa chom mi gop pa
nan go shik jung
mol mo go doh hang sang nih
ni ga gop pak
i gol jung dok
gi ran dan no ros som man
pyo yon nal su nob so
no ran yo jak
myos sa bul gas
shi jok ho yong-ul nom mo sos sok
i gen not tem mun ni yak
nol tem mun jak cho rom
ne in seng men nap pe gu gop pak
jo un jip jo un chak
ku rong ge heng bok
gil sun nop get jim
mang gok ju gop pa
(Hold On, Hold On
Turn Off The Music For A Second”
“Hyung, This Isn’t It, Hyung”
“What’s Up With The Last Line ‘doo go bwa’
(Which Mean ‘Just Wait’)
“It’s Actually ‘joo go pa’
(Which Means ‘Want To Give You’)
“Oh Really? Well Let Me Show You My Style
Give Me The Music Yeah
That’s Right, This Is It
Hyung, This Kinda Style
Love Should Be Hopeful
mang so rim mob shi go
bek ka nun gen na ye Style
nol wi yes so ra myon i
ha mom da ba chil Type
hang sang nol lyange
jom myong-ul bit chu gek Girl
i gon no wan na
wi yan sa rang-em mu deng gol
u ri nun kong gak jis sot
jik al kong dak kong
u ri yem mi re nun bal ko
hwa sa ye al lok dal lok
no man is su myon mo dun
da ga jot jit Like A Milli
no wa jik gum but to sa range mu ni
yol li jik, Go In..
(Ahh, This Is Awesome
Love Should Be Hopeful”
“How Can Life Always Be Hopeful?
This Is Not The Bangtan Style”
“Then What Is It?
“Bangtan Style Is Hip-Hop
“Let’s Go”)
BTS, u ri ga sa rang ha nun bop
ship de don ni ship de don
gat tas sa ranga nu gon
R.M, So Now I’m Telling You The Story
nan ni rok kek
ka jis sa range bwas so
no not to ni
This Is Just An Intro
Shouting Bout My Whole Mind And Body
You Know That Her Refusals
And Bad Words Could Never Stop Me
They Could Never Retard Me
This Is My Ideology
Who In The World Can Dampen
My Heart’s Blood? Nobody
(Wassup) das shi mu rul ge
(Wassup) non not to ni
sa range bom ji an nat da myon
kung nat cho rom he bo nun ge ot te
cham sa ra gam jongi ran ge
myo wan ge nan nol
uk ke nun de non nol
ul ge ha nun nom me ge ga do ra goh
(I Said) Yeah That’s Love
(I Said) ku re gu ges sa rang
nu gun ji jil
ha da gom mal ha jim man
nat chong mal gwen cha na
sa rang-al ten
han bon do sang cho bat
ji ya nun got cho rom
nem mo dun gol
as sa gan de do
do jul got cho rom Wassup
sa rang-al te
nun jom hwak kun na ge
no re hal te
nun jom tak kum ma ge (Hey, Hey)
jom hwak kun na ge (Hey, Hey)
jom tak kum ma ge
u ri sa rang-al te
nun jom hwak kun na ge
no re hal te
nun jom tak kum ma ge (Hey, Hey)
jom hwak kun na ge (Hey, Hey)
jom tak kum ma ge
i ge ham mat di ro Bangtan Style (Wassup)
i ge ham mat di ro Bangtan Style (Wassup)
i ge ham mat di ro Bangtan Style (Wassup)
Bangtan Style, Bangtan Style, Wassup
ENGLISH Translation
First encounter, first text, first phone call
First date, first kiss In our own space,
I want everything to be a first with you
I have an eating disorder, whatever I eat, I’m still hungry
for you. The word “addiction” can’t express all of this
Describing a girl like you is impossible,
it transcends the poetic
It’s because of you, like a capital letter,
I want to place you first in my life
A good house, a good car, those things can’t be
happiness but I want to give it to you
(“Hold on, hold on,
turn off the music for a second”
“Hyung, this isn’t it, hyung”
“What’s up with that last line ‘doo go bwa’
(which means ‘just wait’)”
“It’s actually ‘joo go pa’
(which means ‘want to give you’)”
“Oh really? Well let me show you my style.
Give me the music! Yeah,
that’s right, this is it!
Hyung, this kinda style!
Love should be hopeful!”)
Confessing my love without hesitating is my style
If it’s for you, I’m the type to sacrifice my body
I’ll always shine the light on you girl
This is a love stage for you and me
We’re blinded by love, sweet and playful
Our future is bright and dazzling, colorful
If I have you, it’s like I have everything, like a milli
The door of love has opened now with you, go in
(“Ahh, this is awesome!
Love should be hopeful!”
“How can life always be hopeful?
This is not the Bang Tan style.”
“Then what is it?”
“Bang Tan style is hip-hop”
“Let’s go”)
BTS, the way we love
Whether you’re in your
teens or twenties, love is all the same
RM, so now I’m telling you the story
I loved this much before, how about you?
This is just an intro shouting bout
my whole mind and body
You know that her refusals
and bad words could never stop me
They could never retard me,
this is my ideology
Who in the world can dampen
my heart’s blood? Nobody
(Wassup) I’ll ask you again
(Wassup) How about yo?
If you haven’t loved yet,
how about doing it like me?
A person’s emotions is so strange
I’m the one who makes you smile but
you go to the bastard who makes you cry
(I said) Yeah that’s love
(I said) yeah that’s love
Some may call me a loser but I’m really OK
As if I’ve never been hurt by love before
As if I’ll give even more
when she takes away my all
When in love, be passionate
When you’re singing, make it prickly
Passionate and prickly
When we’re in love, we’re passionate
When we’re singing, we’re prickly
Passionate and prickly
This is Bang Tan style
This is Bang Tan style
This is Bang Tan style
Bang Tan style, Bang Tan style
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